With laser-focused precision and elegant simplicity, the Progress Report measures how much a manager has moved the needle on specific adjustments in behavior following a learning and development intervention.

The results quantify progress so far, and also indicate where to focus to continue improving.



the assessment

With the LVI or another 360 survey or with a personality test like the Hogan’s.

Create an Action Plan for development

Use the LVI Insight to Action, Balance Sheet and Action Plan tools.

Administer the mini 360 survey to original raters

About 6 months later to give a feedback on improvement and a feedforward on how to continue improving.

Guiding your way forward

The Progress Report is an ideal way to quantify and guide the individual’s way forward. It is also a powerful analytic tool to use with a group of managers—for instance, a cohort in a leadership program.

Quantify the impact of the program with a group report that aggregates change across participants, showing what types of behaviors were impacted and how much each improved.


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