Towards a new leadership model

Our leadership models need to be refounded. In the organisational sphere, in the emergence of 2020, the charismatic leader – the all-powerful deus ex machina and visionary leader – has definitively proved ineffective and inadequate.

We are dealing with a change that involves our deepest convictions and our worldview. It is indeed time to look forward, with a sense of reality and inventiveness at the same time.

Awair’s new leadership model reflects this evolution: a radical transformation of mindset, starting with the individual and extending to organisations and society as a whole. Our aspiration is to accompany individuals and teams on this exciting journey of existential transformation.

The 4 basic factors of the new leadership

Futures thinking

Operating in the change

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We are talking about curiosity, the ability to think in terms of the big picture, to “connect the dots” so as to create a credible, albeit provisional, interpretative framework, which in turn allows a realistic working hypothesis to be formulated.

Agile to action

Distributed responsibility

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Agile methods and teams are based on a disciplined project management approach that encourages self-organisation and accountability, frequent reassessment and continuous readjustment.

Inclusion & compassion

Feeling the connection

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Now that the VUCA world has definitely materialised in everyone’s life, anyone in a leadership position has realised how difficult (and futile) it is to try to maintain a «strong» leadership attitude. Which does not mean replacing it with a «weak» one. Rather, the opposite.

Awareness & presence

Living in the present moment

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Showing empathy and compassion towards others is difficult if we do not first tune inward to understand our emotions and fears, assimilate them and learn to take care of ourselves.

Proposals for the new millennium

Our proposals are moments out of gear, dedicated to broadening the gaze and expanding horizons, feeding the mind with good, positive ideas that regenerate energy and open up new possibilities. Moments of reflection, in which to experience dialogue and listening.

Through the virtual medium, we use speech, but also drawing, and even the body. The aim is to develop new mental approaches, because everything starts with awareness of our mental model and beliefs.


Proposals are translated into workshops to engage, co-create and grow:

  • Collective and open: they break down functional and hierarchical barriers. Anyone who wants to participate can do so, contributing energy and ideas.
  • Expandable: around the same idea we can design any format, from a half-hour webinar for 300 people to create awareness, to a customised programme for small groups to trigger tangible change.
  • Modular: themes are complementary, exploitable individually or freely combinable in harmonious paths that we can build together. In any case, the impact on participants is structural.

We want to offer the opportunity to let go of old mental models that hinder us, to discover some resources we didn’t know we had.

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