Established in 1954 by the Swedish Psychology Association to provide psychologists with tools and methods to better assess individual capabilities, Assessio became a consultancy in 1991, when Prof. Hunter Mabon acquired the company. His research focused on the link between human capital and business economics, and his work opened the use of psychological tools to qualified HR professionals and consultants.

Today, Assessio is both a highly reputed international test publisher with a comprehensive certified assessment portfolio and a HR consultancy company, at the forefront of digital selection and development solutions.


  • Identify the people that are key for the company future and the behaviors that drive the business
  • Improve individual and organizational performance: the right people in the right place; better people in, less people out
  • Implement cost-effective, consistent processes, easier to evaluate
  • Support an equal leadership pipeline, thanks to increased transparency, fairness, diversity and broader pools of candidates in times of skill shortage, higher emphasis on individual potential than on skills

From Scientific to Engaging

  • Modern platform. Cloud-based, High security standards, Constant delivery, SaaS, Easy to integrate, Flexible of use, Responsive format
  • Graphic design & User Experience. report design recently revamped, New consistent visual identity, Improvements for a better user & candidate experience
  • Continuous product enhancement. Latest upgrades include: short version of MAP, Adaptive version of Matrigma, new solution in Targeted Prediction
  • New languages constantly added, Matrigma available in 29 languages

The tools

With the aid of scientifically solid test solutions, highly qualified experts and with closely established client partnerships, Assessio develops theory- and evidence-based people analytics, mapping patterns and correlations that have a proven impact on business outcomes.


Five Factor model personality test.


Measures General Mental ability (GMA).


Measures Integrity and Assesses Counterproductive Work Behaviors.


Measures service orientation, ensures superior customer service.

Targeted Prediction

Combines GMA and personality for a role-specific prediction of work performance.