The topic of Diversity & Inclusion is increasingly felt by companies, both globally and locally, who have realised the opportunities and the positive impact on business. In an increasingly competitive market, those companies that are able to develop inclusive programmes to enhance diversity will be able to attract talent.

Which differences are enriching and can ‘make a difference’ and which are not? Starting from this question, it is possible to create plans consistent with the model that best fits one’s own organisation.

Awair’s approach to Diversity & Inclusion

A data-driven approach to Diversity & Inclusion involves the use of personality tests: solid, scientifically validated tools that mainly bring three major benefits

  • the elimination of any kind of Bias for a fair selection process
  • the identification of people and leaders who will tend to promote an inclusive culture
  • people’s awareness of those unconscious biases that could undermine the success of D&I initiatives

In this way, we intervene on the issue of Diversity starting from the organisation’s processes and, in particular, from HR processes.

Diversity and inclusion: are they the same thing?

Diversity and inclusion – words associated in the common imagination – are distinct concepts that are approached differently: while diversity is managed with processes, creating an inclusive environment is the responsibility of management and requires people development interventions.

In this sense, starting from the analytical snapshot of the corporate reality or of the individual team, it is possible to develop targeted interventions to support change and the consolidation of an inclusive culture that truly values diversity.