The Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) is the thinking manager’s 360 survey. It is based on a leadership model that offers a simple, compact framework to account for the complexities of the manager’s job – the tensions and trade-offs, the balances to be struck.

Distinct advantages

  • A breakthrough rating scale that identifies when strengths become weaknesses through overuse.
  • A compact behavioral model that represents the tensions and tradeoffs that make leadership a balancing act.
  • A central, integrative concept of versatility defined as the mastery of opposing forces needed to deal with paradox and fast-paced change.
  • An underlying model of learning and development that combines the outer work of behavior change with the inner work of mindset change.
  • A program of published research demonstrating reliability and validity at predicting employee engagement, team performance, and effectiveness.

Leaders in a complex world?

We live in a fast-paced, extremely complex and dynamic world. As never before, leaders are required to adapt to this highly evolving environment and adjust their response accordingly.

LVI is an innovative and scientifically validated tool that can help a leader become versatile and more effective in such a demanding context.

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