Targeted Prediction is a modern and scientific recruitment method that combines measurements of cognitive ability (GMA) and personality characteristics to predict work performance in specific roles. With the press of a button, you get an accurate analysis of your candidate pool and can focus your time on the most promising individuals.

Save Time

Targeted Prediction revolutionizes today’s complex and resource-intensive recruitment standard. You no longer have to interpret individual test results, merge information, and compare complex profiles.


With a click you get a reliable shortlist of candidates based on mental ability and relevant personality traits. Targeted Prediction does the work of identifying critical traits for the role, as well as matching and ranking complex candidate profiles against these requirements.


Cut recruiting time by 50%. By applying Targeted Prediction as a first step in your selection process, you invest time and effort only in the most promising individuals. All that is left is to check base requirements.

Better Decisions

Targeted Prediction is at the forefront of modern psychometric research and is unique in
its accuracy and precision. It was developed using empirically validated constructs and accumulated research data in order to determine role-specific predictors of job performance. The result is a time-efficient selection method that provides you with an optimal basis for your selection decisions.

By ranking candidates early in the process, based on their potential, Targeted Prediction minimizes manual administration and allows you to spend time on the most suitable candidates only. It leaves you free to invest resources in other key areas, such as on-boarding and team development.

Role-specific Tool

  • General job performance. Assesses potential for job success in non-managerial roles. Both positive and negative characteristics are taken into account: Task Performance, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, and Counterproductive Work Behavior.
  • Leadership. Assesses key aspects of successful leadership: Leadership Emergence and Effectiveness – to what extent the individual is perceived by others as a leader and leads the team in activities and behaviors that contribute to the organization’s goals.
  • Service. Assesses a candidate’s potential for customer service. It includes the ability to satisfy but also exceed customer expectations.
  • Sales. Assesses the potential to successfully handle every step of a sales process and ultimately earn the business on time and on mutually beneficial terms.

Reports Available

The results are presented in a Project Report, designed to be used by all stakeholders in the selection process, containing the ranking of candidates, their individual scores as well as demographic data. The report includes a short description of the ranking method, the role specific criteria, as well as guidelines for interpretation of scores.

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