ServiceFirst is a short, psychometric self-assessment questionnaire used to facilitate the selection of entry-level employees for service-oriented positions, and was originally based on extensive job analyses of behaviors related to service performance.

ServiceFirst is administrated online often via Applicant Tracking Systems integrations and it ensures candidates’ service potential and is most effective when used as a screening tool early on in the recruitment process.

Assessment Configuration

First Part

It presents a series of both work-related and personal statements, and the candidate’s task is to rate how well each statement describes themselves.

Second Part

It presents a series of descriptions of service-relevant situations, and the candidate’s task is to rate the likelihood that they would do what is described in each situation. This section includes also both personal and work-related statements.

Uses of ServiceFirst

Besides an overall score indicating the candidate’s service potential, ServiceFirst also gives information on the likelihood of behaviors related to different types of service performance such as:

  • Active Customer Relations. Seeking and acting on service/sales opportunities with customers
  • Polite Customer Relations. Demonstrating courtesy, manners, and rapport in personal interactions with customers
  • Helpful Customer Relations. Responding to customer needs by taking extraordinary action to assist them
  • Personalized Customer Relations. Showing recognition of unique customer qualities, for example, by getting to know customers by name.

Job Prediction

The test has shown to be a valid predictor of service performance in numerous industries, including retail, call center, finance, insurance, and transportation. It is an efficient and cost-effective method of screening candidates for jobs that involve extensive customer contact.

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