MAP is a comprehensive assessment tool based on the Five Factor Model of personality that measures individual characteristics and predicts behaviors critical for the work environment.

Measuring Personality Traits

MAP establishes an unbiased measure of personality and provides information that is crucial to an individual’s potential to perform at work. It pinpoints personal characteristics that are difficult to discern through conventional selection methods such as interviews or CVs.

With built-in suitability scores, using MAP will give the opportunity to use a data-driven approach to leadership selection. There is also a possibility to tailor suitability scores to an organization or to match scores to a customized competency profile. You can either rank candidates according to the overall personality dimensions or use an in-depth profile with a detailed analysis of the individual’s potential, strengths and development areas.

Uses of MAP

MAP is a powerful predictor of personality-driven critical behaviors at work. Follow-ups show clear links between the results on MAP and various outcomes, such as performance at work, job satisfaction, individual-organizational fit, and leadership and sales performance.

It helps you identify individual strengths and development areas, both at managerial and co-worker levels. The most frequent applications are recruitment, on-boarding, development, succession planning and career counseling.

Reports Available

There are multiple reporting options ranging from brief data-reports that include the scores of the main scales and provide a summary of the results, to rich and descriptive reports that outline typical characteristics and behaviors associated with personality characteristics as well as developmental recommendations.

MAP has also a special comprehensive management report series that focuses on identifying and developing leadership.

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Targeted Prediction

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