Hogan anniversary: 30 years devoted to personality and talent

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Hogan’s personality assessments are at the service of organizations since 1987 and have contributed to lead the development of a new talent-oriented culture ever since.


Nowadays, 76% of the organizations with over 100 employees use personality assessments for selection purposes, whereas 80% of the Fortune 500 organizations use them for a broader scope of projects ranging from coaching, to team building and leadership development.

Professional success does not have to do with technical competences only and it is a fact by now. Nevertheless, in the early years of the 80’s, Robert (Bob) Hogan’s and his wife’s idea was groundbreaking: personality is a decisive factor in the professional performance. The ability to communicate, handle conflicts, emotions and stress, the level of openness to change and the risk orientation are factors with a high impact on individual, team, as well as organization results.

In 1987, after years of research, Hogan assessments officially entered the market: business-oriented psychometrics based on real needs and organizational aspirations was born. Yet, it was based also on the most significant social transformations: inspired by the civil rights laws, Hogan assessments made gender, ethnicity age and any other diversity factor of the candidate completely irrelevant.

In 1996, Hogan expanded internationally. Moreover, they launched the MVPI  test about individual the core goals, values, drivers, and interests that determine – among others – one’s cultural fit within an organization. The following year came the HDS test: we all have a Dark Side. The innovation is that we should not try to hide it. Firstly, many of our so-called “shortcomings” are also strengths (and vice versa), and secondly, self-awareness only leads the way to self-development.

Today, Hogan is in 56 Countries, its products are available in 47 languages and they are used by 70% of the Fortune 500 companies. Hogan product portfolio offers over 30 kinds of reports than can be used at any time of the employee life-cycle. Bob Hogan passed the executive baton to one of the youngest and most brilliant researchers of his times, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. Hogan Assessessment is the last one to retain its full independence among the global players within the sector of psychometric tests.

With the coming of Big Data, the concept of talent analytics is gaining more recognition. Good news according to Bob Hogan: “selections and advancements will be further based on factual evidences and not on politics. However, let’s pay attention to the quality of data we use: we risk to use poor and inconsistent information, created through low-end processes. Thus, it affects the result. As the Anglo-Saxons say: garbage in, garbage out”.

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