Game-based assessment: Selection becomes a (serious) game

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Thorough, objective and customized psychometrics tools that can be integrated into the company processes. And they’re fun for the Digital-Native candidate, too.


The digital revolution pervades every organizational process, recruiting included. This new unavoidable screening frontier is the game-based assessment: not the usual recreational videogames but an approach that preserves the scientific standards of the traditional methods. With further pros.

Game-based assessments (GBAs) are objective, accurate and engaging for the candidate and essential for the organization to increase its brand reputation among the talents.

In Italy and France, Awair partners up with Arctic Shores, UK company specialized in creating high quality GBAs within the standards of the British Psychological Society. Their GBAs assess spontaneous behaviors in real time, collecting up to 12.000 data points per game session and turning them into psychometric profiles, critical to understand the candidate role fit.

Highly customizable, they are exceptional tools in high volume selection processes to fill entry-level positions. GBAs proved to be particularly suitable and appreciated by both the Millennials and Digital Natives: 81% of those who used them said they found it very entertaining. At the same time, 85% of the them stated that it changed their perception of the employer positively. Even the candidate who doesn’t make the cut becomes a brand ambassador!

Thanks to its team of proficient Developers, Neuroscientists, Mathematicians, Graphic Designers and Organizational Psychologists, Arctic Shores combines the predictive strength of its psychometric tools with game technology to help the organization make fair, objective and empathic hiring decisions:

  • Algorithms over 85% predictive in the 1st year
  • From a diversity point of view, women applicants appear to be almost doubled;
  • The completion rate of the tests reaches 98%.

Arctic Shores GBAs register the subtlest differences in the decision-making processes and reaction time generated at a subconscious level. The candidate executes easy and entertaining tasks instantly – their behavior preferences are captured straight away. With GBA’s you can’t be anyone else but yourself.

Effective and efficient: the cost of a GBA-based project is lower than a tradition program. If you use them from the early stage, time waste within the process are reduced significantly. An example? The Candidate receives their feedback in about 7 seconds.

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