Awair is pleased to share a selection of resources such as webinar video recordings, articles and other contents that our partners release on a regular basis. These are very helpful to cope with transition times such as the current pandemic, and to develop an effective growth-oriented mindset.

Interesting multimedia resources

Hogan Webinar Series

Arctic Shores Podcast Series

Readings we recommend

Flattening and Shortening the Curve: Personality Matters

Don’t Become an Absentee Leader While Working Remotely

Vulnérabilité, Stress, Respect : Pourquoi Nos Réactions Sont Inégales Face Au Covid 19 ?

Managing Stress with Strategic Self-Awareness

Versatility: You Can’t Lead Without It Today

Yes, You Can Overuse Strengths

Managing Yourself in a VUCA World

Leading in a VUCA World

Versatility: You Can’t Lead Without It Today