MiNT is an online Five Factors Model-based inventory that predicts the risk of Counterproductive Work Behaviors (CWB).

Counterproductive Work Behaviors Revealed

It refers to behaviors that are intentional and contrary to the organization interests, such as tardiness, faking sick leaves, being rude or abusive, recklessness or theft. CWB is prevalent to some extent in all organizations.

Combating and compensating for these kinds of behaviors can be both difficult and costly. In worst cases, it can lead to legal actions and lasting harm for the brand, but even the most common occurrences of CWB will generate costs in the form of a deteriorated working environment, lowered motivation levels and lack of collaboration.

Uses of MiNT

MiNT is a scientifically robust instrument reviewed and certified by an independent reviewer of psychometric tools in the Nordic countries.

MiNT is a modern and secure test that can be used both for positive and negative selection in recruitment. It makes a measurable contribution to an organization’s strive in the area of safety and security, and it will also increase job performance and job satisfaction levels amongst the selected employees.

Job Prediction

MiNT is a powerful predictor of job performance both regarding task and contextual performance. A proactive approach to risk management means that organizations can increase the chances of hiring people who are diligent and who contribute to a more productive and satisfying working atmosphere.

Low Scores

People with low scores on MiNT are generally perceived as less effective, less conscientious and as having a higher degree of interpersonal problems than their peers.

High Scores

People with high scores on MiNT are generally perceived as more hard working and more successfully engaged in job relationships, such as being friendly and trusting, being cooperative with superiors, rarely getting angry and having a positive outlook.

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