Matrigma is a high quality psychometric test used for measuring cognitive ability for the purpose of predicting job performance and career success.

Matrigma is a cognitive test that captures fluid intelligence (i.e. the ability to solve problems with no prior knowledge or experience). Hence, it is the optimal instrument to identify individual potential and predict successful performance across all industries and for all levels of job complexity.

The non-verbal and non-numerical format of the test ensures a wide application, beyond cultural, educational and linguistic barriers.

From Classic Matrigma, Assessio developed Adaptive Matrigma, an innovative and technologically advanced version that provides a reliable and accurate General Mental Ability measurement in only 12 minutes.

The Innovation of Adaptive Matrigma

  • Innovative technology. The advanced algorithm incorporates over 100 000 Matrigma test results worldwide. Therefore the result is a product that minimizes the test duration without losing any of the measurement accuracy.
  • Each test session is adapted to the respondent. Each successive item is selected based on a summation of the test-takers previous responses as well as other item-specific criteria. Unnecessary and redundant items are excluded, as the respondent’s maximum level of capacity is evaluated and established throughout the test session.
  • Engaging. In an increasingly candidate-driven job market it is essential to offer user-friendly and concise assessment solutions that keep the candidates engaged throughout the selection process.
  • Flexibility. It is available in 28 languages on computers and mobile devices, offering optimal flexibility for the candidate.

Matrigma measures

  • Fluid intelligence
  • Ability to quickly identify patterns and logical rules
  • Abstract logical reasoning and problem solving ability

Matrigma predicts

  • Work performance
  • Learning ability and effectiveness at work
  • Dealing with new information and unfamiliar situations

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Targeted Prediction

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