The Adecco Group teams up with Awair for CEO For One Month 2017

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How to pinpoint tomorrow’s leaders amidst today’s young talents? By making them live personally the leadership experience today.

The Adecco Group turned theory into practice; CEO for One Month program is an international competition for aspiring Managers. In Italy, the organization sought the support of Awair to create “Bootcamp 2017”, an assessment and talent development experience both challenging and non-conventional for 8 finalists (they stood out over 11,300 candidates in Italy).

At its 4th edition, organized by the Adecco Group in 48 countries within the international program “Way to Work”, CEO for One Month is exactly what the name suggests: an intense and engaging selection process aiming at letting a young bright talent emerge who will shadow the local Adecco CEO for a month. It’s not over yet: the 48 local CEOs for One Month are going to compete to become the global CEO for One Month. The winner is going to work side-by-side with the global CEO of The Adecco Group, a multinational organization counting 33,000 resources and over €20 billions revenues.

The sense of Awair support at the Italian bootcamp is enclosed in The Adecco Group philosophy and expressed by its slogan: “It’s not only your skills or experience, it’s your attitude that we’re looking for”. To show every CEO attitude facet of the finalists, it was planned a track with a series of rather diverse challenges, from the “speed date” where every competitor was supposed to reveal aspects of themselves to perfect strangers, to a reflection on personality guided by a new instrument, the Hogan High Potential Talent Report, to creating and playing a monologue before a jury of leaders within the organization and some of its strategic partners, to a final business simulation.

Francesca Antonini, the Awair partner who worked closely with the Adecco Group to the creation of the Bootcamp 2017 report “The Adecco Group was looking for an out-of-the-box approach to build an evaluation process both challenging and selective, a memorable, engaging and fun experience for the candidates. We brought our multidisciplinary experience of assessment and development to build a track and the Hogan instruments, as usual, helped to nail the goals quickly and in the most accurate and objective way possible.”

Watch the recap video to get a feeling of the atmosphere at the bootcamp of CEO for One Moth Italy

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