The Talent Delusion: Looking for Talent and not Finding it

By 18 July 2017Focus

A Scientific approach to understand people is the secret weapon in the war for talent.

Turning talent into practice and profitability is a clear strategic priority for organizations that keep investing in the development of their leadership. Nevertheless, trust in the top management has been spiraling down, in recent years. Everything organizations implement to attract and retain High Potentials brings disappointing results, if not counterproductive. Selection mistakes, disengaged persons or who leave too soon; a wasted performance potential.

Why has the the broadly discussed war for talent apparently turned into the war on talent? How can one stop this vicious circle?

The answers to this questions are in The Talent Delusion, the latest book by Hogan’s CEO Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Industrial Psychologist, professor at the UCL in London and at the Columbia University in New York, as well as world-famous author.

The Talent Delusion is a practical help to measure talent, engage persons, as well as develop their potential, deal with the dark side of personality and face with optimism toxic behaviors and generation trends.

It provides practical solutions based on objective data to master talent management and turn this role into an engine of profitability and productivity.

Are you sure you can recognize the right candidate from an unfitting one? On the 24 of July, take part to a webinar with Tomas and you will change your mind: scientific data are the key to a successfully talent management, not intuition.

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