A broad choice of 38 ready-to-use exercises covering a range of levels and competencies, including analysis, day in the life and inbox exercises, VirtualAC simulates an online desktop environment, enabling you to deliver highly immersive and interactive business simulation exercises to select and develop your staff.

Using VirtualAC, candidates will be asked to respond to information and issues presented in a variety of formats, such as emails, video messages, voicemails, calendar items, documents and organization charts.

Benefits of choosing VirtualAC

  • Saving time and money. You can administer and mark exercises quickly and easily online using the streamlined marking system, which incorporates a&dc SmartScoring formula which can cut assessor marking time by a third compared to paper-based marking.
  • Convenient and flexible. A range of exercises available that don’t require role-players, meaning the assessments can take place at the candidate’s convenience and in any location where an internet connection is available, giving the organizations a fast process with global consistency. Candidates and assessors can be in different locations or even a different country, saving on travel costs.
  • Helping you make high quality decisions. Virtual simulations present realistic working challenges and require the participants to demonstrate key behaviors important for success in the job. They let you see the participant in action and provide powerful evidence of an individual’s capabilities, ensuring you identify the right people.
  • Giving you choice. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, you can deliver a range of business simulations: ask the participant to complete an inbox exercise, an analysis report or a full virtual Assessment Centre that incorporates several different activities.
  • Promoting your employer brand. Virtual simulations provide an engaging and immersive assessment experience for the participant as well as a realistic job preview, presenting a positive image of your employer brand.


VirtualAC is a flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, so organizations can work with the Awair team to develop and upload a customized or completely bespoke exercise tailored to their own needs.

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