With over 260 assessment and development exercises available, AC-EXS is the world’s widest range of ready-to-use Assessment and Development Center Exercises.

If you are part of an in-house recruitment team filtering through candidates for a new role, or looking to develop your talent, look no further: the AC-EXS product range is specifically designed to give you the predictive power to find the right people for your organization.

Covering all work situations, these business simulation exercises and group exercises use multiple competencies, industry sectors, business functions and career levels, saving you time and money previously spent on bespoke design.

Benefits of choosing AC-EXS

  • Customized Assessment Centre Exercises. Possibility to design bespoke or customized exercises that are specifically related to your organization’s assessment process. For your organization it is more beneficial if its real circumstances are addressed with accuracy.
  • Bespoke Assessment Centre Exercise Design. Possibility to design Assessment Center Exercises which are unique to your organization. These can be used any number of times and are guaranteed to give you the most reliable insight into how successful candidates will perform once in the role. Even in very short timescales, it is possible to tailor one of the existing ready-to-use AC-EXS exercises to more accurately meet your needs (e.g. Names, Places, Job Roles, Company logo, Timings).

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