Since 1986, a&dc is an international leader of scientifically rigorous tools that make a measurable difference to business performance by using behavioral assessment to recruit and select great talent into every job and developing leadership behaviors that enhance business results.

In 2017 a&dc was merged into PSI, a global company that offers comprehensive solutions for every talent management process, from selection to leadership development. Before the merge with PSI, a cutting-edge product range has supported a&dc’s core business from the very beginning. Over the years, this range has grown dramatically and kept constantly up-to-date to meet the market’s needs.

a&dc’s goal is to provide the greatest certainty about talent management and to ensure HR has an equal voice in shaping business strategy.

Product portfolio

  • Situational Judgement Tests
  • Virtual Assessment Centers
  • 360° feedback tools
  • Resilience questionnaire
  • Comprehensive range of behavioral assessment and development simulation exercises

Behavioral Assessments for selection and recruitment

Assessing an individual’s behavior provides you with a reliable prediction of how they are likely to perform in the position you are selecting or recruiting for – meaning that you can confidently find the right people for the right roles.


The largest choice of ready-to-use Assessment and Development Centre Exercises.

The Dilemmas Series

Online Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs).

Virtual AC

Tools to simulate an online desktop environment enabling you to deliver highly immersive and interactive exercises to select and develop your team.

Identifying the right people can bring many benefits

  • You will have people with the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver your organization needs now.
  • You will have people who can grow and develop to meet your organization challenges.
  • You will have people with the potential to progress within your organizational leadership pipeline.
  • You will have people who fit your organization’s culture and share your organizational values.