Awair helps develop leaders using both a high-touch and a high-tech approach, perfectly blended to drive behavioral change.

We Recommend

Hogan – Career

Provides early career advice based on strengths and shortcomings.

Hogan – Compass

Identifies core values, compares them with various occupations and cultures, and describes the type of environment in which they will be comfortable working.

Hogan – EQ (Emotional Quotient)

Assesses emotional intelligence, the ability to identify and manage your own and others’ emotions.

Hogan – Flash

Designed for use by a coach or user with expertise to interpret based on numbers alone.

Hogan – High Potential Talent Report

Intended to help the emergent leader become more effective and the effective leader be more emergent, resulting in maximized leadership potential.

Hogan 360

Multi-rater feedback tool to help individuals and leaders at any level gain a better understanding of how they are perceived in the organization.

Hogan – Insight Series

Explores a mid-level manager’s strengths, performance risks, and values, and can be used as a feedback tool for selection or development.

Hogan – Insight – HDS

Provides organizations with scientifically validated information about an individual’s performance risks.

Hogan – Insight – HPI

Provides organizations with scientifically validated information about an individual’s strengths.

Hogan – Insight – MVPI

Provides organizations with scientifically validated information about an individual’s core values.

Hogan – Judgment

Provides description of participants’ information processing style, decision-making approach and style, and openness to feedback and coaching.

Hogan – Leader Focus

Helps new leaders and first-time managers understand how their personality characteristics may influence their leadership effectiveness.

Hogan – Leadership Forecast Series (LFS)

Provides leaders with an understanding of their strengths, challenges, and underlying motivators. Requires feedback from a certified coach or user.

Hogan – LFS – Challenge

Predicts career-derailing behaviors that interfere with the ability to build a cohesive and high-performing team.

Hogan – LFS – Coaching

A self-guided, comprehensive development-planning tool for individual leadership development.

Hogan – LFS – Potential

Predicts how others describe a leader’s day-to-day approach to work and leadership along with behavioral and leadership implications, competency analysis, and development recommendations.

Hogan – LFS – Summary

A snapshot of interpersonal performance, organizational fit, and a primer for performance improvement and shifts in behavior.

Hogan – LFS – Values

Explores the core values and goals that drive a leader’s behavior, aspirations, and expectations about life.

Hogan – Safety Climate Survey

Provides feedback regarding the perceptions of safety at all levels of the organization and results in a company-wide safety score.

Hogan – Safety for Development

Provides a graphic summary and interpretation of a candidate’s safety-related behavior. These results outline strengths and areas of concern relating to a general employment fit for a particular work environment.

Hogan – Team

Designed to help team members gain an understanding of team strengths, weaknesses, and culture.

Assessio – MAP

Five Factor model personality test.

Kaiser Leadership Solutions – LVI

It is one of the most solid 360 survey tools. User-friendly, cutting-edge and scientifically validated, this instrument helps leader become versatile and more effective.

Kaiser Leadership Solutions – Progress Report

After taking a 360 survey, the Progress Report is an ideal way to quantify an individual’s progress.