Awair was founded in 2012 by a group of seasoned talent management consultants, each with over 20 years of experience in HR assessments, leadership development and change management. With offices in Milan, Paris, Barcelona and London, Awair can deliver projects in the 5 continents and assist clients in Italian, English, French and Spanish

Its services and product offering is centered around the use of highly reputed, validated, science-based psychometric and behavioral assessments.

Awair works to:

  • provide organizations with robust data to make informed talent decisions.
  • Give individuals the opportunity to grow their self-awareness and better manage their careers.
  • Create development programs and experiences to enhance their potential and limit risks.
  • Establish long lasting relationships with HR functions to help them develop their skill set and expand their tool-box.

Awair has distribution partnerships in place with global developers who provide top-notch assessment solutions, including: cognitive ability tests, personality assessments, behavioral assessments, 360° feedback and game-based assessments.

The Partners team consists of Francesca Antonini, Paola Ballabio, Andrea Facchini, Gianfranco Gennaro, Massimo Lanzanó.

Meet the team