Typically used for graduate and apprentice recruitments as well as for volume selection process, Arctic Shores is a global provider of Game-Based Assessments that deliver meaningful, job relevant insights about people.

Arctic Shores team produces reliable, data-driven, objective screening of candidates so you can improve the quality and diversity of hires, whilst contributing to an improved ROI.

Predicting hiring success

Your company culture as well as high performance in the role is analyzed in order to configure a target fit profile. The result is a fair, reliable and predictive fit score that reflects an applicant’s suitability for the role based on the attributes important for the organization.


A team of occupational psychologists create a target fit profile for the role.


The GBA captures over 5,000 data points to determine an applicant’s suitability.


Applicants are ranked and selected based on a single unbiased fit score.


  • Bespoke – Optimized solutions to identify the most relevant traits for a role.
  • Data Driven – Reduced unconscious bias by introducing more objective data into the decision-making process.
  • Inclusive – Selection and development processes accessible to everyone, whatever their background or seniority.
  • Engaging – Enhanced candidate experience and driven brand engagement.
  • Integrated – Seamless integration with the client leading ATS or career development system.
  • Branded – Customized games and reports to showcase the employer brand.

Game Based Assessments

Arctic Shores offers a range of themes and styles in its game-based assessments, from an office of the future to more playful settings, tailored to suit the desired candidate experience.

Cosmic Cadet

It measures 13 different job-relevant behaviors and aspects of cognition.

Yellow Hook Reef

A gamified traditional aptitude assessment.

Pinnacle Valley

It measures 13 different job-relevant behaviors and aspects of cognition.

Skyrise City

A Game-Based Assessment plus a gamified traditional aptitude assessment.

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