Awair supports organizations in designing selection processes, identifying the best tools and equipping HR people to manage the different phases of the process, from defining the required competency profile to interviewing and writing profiles.



Out-of-the-box, pre-hire selection tool, targeted at entry- to supervisor-level positions, measures general employability and predicts a candidate’s on-the-job performance.


Determines key attributes, qualities, and skills, to accurately evaluate potential talent in prospective and incumbent employees.


Identifies each candidate as high, moderate, or low fit for a job.

General Employability Report

A simple, easy-to-use hiring tool that quickly measures how employable a candidate is based on basic job requirements.

High potential Talent report

Intended to help the emergent leader become more effective and the effective leader be more emergent, resulting in maximized leadership potential.

Leader basis

Out-of-the-box solution that identifies a candidate’s strengths and potential areas of weakness for leadership roles.

Sales Basis

Out-of-the-box solution for hiring high revenue-generating sales professionals, used for a broad range of sales jobs across industries.

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The largest choice of ready-to-use Assessment and Development Centre Exercises.

The Dilemmas Series

Online Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs).

Virtual AC

Tools to simulate an online desktop environment enabling you to deliver highly immersive and interactive exercises to select and develop your team.

Arctic Shores

Cosmic Cadet

It measures 13 different job-relevant behaviors and aspects of cognition.

Yellow Hook Reef

A gamified traditional aptitude assessment.

Pinnacle Valley

It measures 13 different job-relevant behaviors and aspects of cognition.

Skyrise City

A Game-Based Assessment plus a gamified traditional aptitude assessment.



Five Factor model personality test.


Measures General Mental ability (GMA).


Measures Integrity and Assesses Counterproductive Work Behaviors.


Measures service orientation, ensures superior customer service.

Targeted Prediction

Combines GMA and personality for a role-specific prediction of work performance.